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Super Range! Gemini 60 Volt E-Bike Ultimate ranger E-bike

Super Range! Gemini 60 Volt E-Bike Ultimate ranger E-bike

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Experience the freedom of extended rides with our cutting-edge electric bike, boasting an impressive range of up to 100km. Crafted with precision, our bike features a lightweight frame and Premium Ebike Pros batteries offering up to 22 AH for unparalleled performance.

Equipped with a 60-volt high-capacity deep cycle maintenance-free battery, our Premium Ebike Pros battery ensures reliability and longevity, backed by a 6-month full replacement warranty.

Convenience meets functionality with ample storage options including front storage, under-seat storage, a grocery bag hook, and an oversized rear storage box with anti-rattle closures, accommodating all your belongings and groceries effortlessly.

Experience smoother rides with regenerative braking, recharging your battery with every front or rear brake application. The hydraulic front suspension paired with adjustable rear suspension, akin to motorcycle-grade quality, guarantees an exceptionally smooth journey.

Security is paramount with our full alarm system, complete with 2 FOB remotes and rear wheel anti-theft lockout, offering peace of mind with a 150-meter range. Powered by a high-torque 60-volt 500-watt motor, conquer hills with ease while enjoying superior heat dissipation.

Our lightweight yet robust frames come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring durability and reliability. Enhanced performance is achieved with high-output 30-amp controllers, striking the perfect balance between power, performance, and distance.

Roll on with confidence on our 16x3 long-life design tubeless tires, featuring a tread design optimized for longevity and reduced rolling resistance, thereby extending your range.

Stay informed with our digital display showcasing battery status, voltmeter, trip meter, and speedometer, while the custom ergonomic grip and 3-speed throttle ensure comfort and control during every ride.

Secure parking options are provided with side and middle kickstands, offering flexibility and convenience wherever you go. Cruise effortlessly with a top speed of 32km/h, compliant with the highest legal limit in Canada, and engage cruise control with ease using the switch mechanism. for off road use limiter can be removed to obtain a much greater speed.

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