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Fresh Release! 52V Slim Pack 2.0 - with Optional Universal Mount

Fresh Release! 52V Slim Pack 2.0 - with Optional Universal Mount

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We're thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of our Slim Pack Batteries!

Interested in checking Fitment?
Cutout Template AVAILABLE HERE

The primary inquiries we've received about our slim packs are:

Are they offered in both 48V and 52V?
Are they detachable?
We've tackled both of these queries with our new Slim Pack 2.0 series.

Entirely crafted and manufactured in Canada, these packs utilize high-grade Samsung cells and professional-grade BMS units.


Presently offered in a 10AH (High Range) setup utilizing Grade A 21700 Samsung 50E Cells, an HD (High Discharge) model featuring P42A Molicels, as well as HR+ (Samsung 50S) and HD+ (P45B) configurations.

These packs retain the slim profile of our previous models, measuring at about 2 inches in height, with the optional universal mounting adding less than 1/2''.

Overall Dimensions:
Length = 14.5''
Width = 3.5''
Height = 2''

Crafted from 3D Printed High Impact UV Resistant polymer, the cases are exceptionally sturdy. They withstand substantial pressure, even capable of sustaining weight when empty. This durability surpasses that of other plastic casings and eliminates the risk associated with aluminum cases shorting on themselves.

Additionally, they feature a built-in Panel Mount XT90 with a Spark Resistor, enabling direct plugging of an XT90 male connector into the battery (such as CYC Photon / Stealth).

Customized BMS units offer an ON/OFF Switch, thermal protection, cell balancing, current overload, low and high voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

Packs are supplied with a 3Amp Charger with a Fan.

The optional Universal Mount can adapt to Flat Downtubes, round downtubes, or even mount on the top tube/seat tube (provided the frame is large enough).

The optional mounts include 5 Velcro Straps + 2 Closed Cell Foam inserts to securely fit around a round tube. They can also be threaded into a water bottle mount for additional support.

Specifications (High Range):
Cells: Samsung 50E 21700
Continuous Current: 20A (1000W)
Peak Current: 50A Cutoff (2500W)
Temp Cutoff: 75C
Max Charge Current: 5A

Specifications (High Discharge):
Cells: Molicel P42A
Continuous Current: 30A (1500W)
Peak Current: 80A Cutoff (4000W)
Temp Cutoff: 75C
Max Charge Current: 8A

Specifications (High Range Plus):
Cells: Samsung 50S 21700
Continuous Current: 30A (1500W)
Peak Current: 60A Cutoff (2500W)
Temp Cutoff: 75C
Max Charge Current: 5A

Specifications (High Discharge Plus):
Cells: Molicel P45B (Incredibly Powerful)
Continuous Current: BMS 30A (1500W)
Peak Current: BMS 80A Cutoff (4000W)
Temp Cutoff: 75C
Max Charge Current: 8A



 Universal Mounting Plate for our Slim Pack 2.0 / Brick Battery / Compact Hard Shell Triangle Battery
This has 5 mounting points to share between the battery and the frame.

These are 3D Printed in house using a UV Resistant High Impact Polymer, they are very strong!

There are dowels on the top face that allow the battery to lock in place, and the straps retain the battery from moving up and out of the frame.
Comes with 5 Velcro Straps + Neoprene Memory Foam to Contour to your Bike's Frame.
Also is able to utilize the Water Bottle Boss Mounting Holes

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