Q: How far can this e-bike go on a charge?

A: Range is a complicated question, it will depend on many factors including your riding style (accelerating fast, coasting to a stop or using regen breaking etc) and rider weight, lots of cargo or rear passenger etc, and also riding terrain, lots of hills, off road etc. these will all impact your ultimate range, because it can be so variable we give a range e.g (50-70kms) per charge vs just saying it can go 70km per charge as that would be misleading. Also: Please note most large e-bike company's including Daymak, Emmo and other major brands base there maximum range numbers on very light riders under optimal conditions giving an inflated range claims ~ We try to give accurate range estimates based off of our average customers riding.

Q: Do you accept E-transfer?

A: Yes we do, all E-transfer payments must be sent to help@evcustom.ca ~ Please note depending on what bank you are with they are NOT instant, because of this we strongly advise putting a security question and sending it ahead of time so there are no issues upon delivery, you then can tell us the security question answer/password upon delivery. NOTE: please understand we can not just give you keys and leave if E-transfer payment is still pending and has not yet shown up in mail!

Q: Can you deliver bikes?

A: Yes we have a trailer custom made for e-bike delivery's, our standard rate is 20$ flat fee plus 1$ per KM travel to the destination. Note: For far delivery's it is required to deposit delivery costs beforehand, unfortunately we had to implement this rule

Q: Do I need a license or insurance to ride?

A: No license or insurance is required to ride an E-bike, all you need is to wear a DOT motorcycle or bicycle helmet and must be 16 years of age! E-bikes are also not considered motor vehicles under the highway traffic act, so they can be driven if your license is suspended.

Q: I was under the impression the max speed permitted was 35kph for electric motorcycles and ebikes?

A: Under the Highway Traffic Act E-bikes are limited to a max speed of 32kph, that being said trails and pathways are not governed by the act and therefor an e-bike can legally travel faster in them ~ We will not sell any E-bikes over 32kph unless a liability waiver is signed declaring that it is intended ONLY for off road use, and it is being sold as an off road vehicle. 

Q: I found another Emmo on Kijiji for 1,000$ I can do 900$ cash today

A: Our bikes are priced appropriately to sell, when your buying from us your getting warranty, after sale support and a guarantee that the bike has been tuned and inspected by a master technician and ready to go, with the number one most common issue with e-bikes being the battery you are probably purchasing a lead acid e-bike that will require an expensive battery change shortly, it is also possible your getting a bike with many underling issues that are not yet known to you when you purchase and the seller will not help you with once it's sold costing you more then what you originally thought of as a "good deal"

Q: Do you do trades?

A: We do trade in deals for E-bikes only, we will not accept your X-box or iPhone as a payment or trade.

Q: Can you repair my bike? It was not purchased from you.

A: Yes we can repair all makes and models of e-bike, if it requires a specialized part that we do not carry we can order it in for you with one of our suppliers.

Q: Why are lithium batteries so expensive? Are they safe?

A: The upfront cost may be more then lead acid yes, but if you factor in that a brand name lithium battery can last up to 4x the lifespan of lead acid it is obvious what one is the better option. Because we do not cut corners on our lithium batteries only using genuine cells and reputable manufactures our batteries are extremely safe, some major E-bike brands have lithium batteries available but they are extremely expensive and made with cheap Chinese cells that could pose a risk of fire, most of the large E-bike company's know that battery replacement sales is great recurring revenue, that is where we are different, we provide the highest value for our customers by using the highest quality batteries available on the market that are not overpriced!