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Radpower E-bikes Controller Upgrade Kit Colour display!

Radpower E-bikes Controller Upgrade Kit Colour display!

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Introducing our LCD Upgrade Kit, specially designed for Rad Bikes! Enhance the performance of your Radpower EBike with this kit, delivering a considerable power improvement. Please be aware that user error during installation is not covered by warranty. Exercise extreme caution during installation to avoid damaging connectors, as several customers have encountered issues in this regard.

This kit includes:

  • KT 48V 35A Controller
  • KT LCD8H Display
  • Adapter Cable (compatible with Radpower Display port)

Before purchasing, ensure compatibility with your bike. Based on internet research, here are some compatibility notes sourced from Area13 EBikes:

  • Plug and play for 2016-2018 Rover bikes. Note that the controller has a tail light plug that won't be used. Upgraded lights are not recommended as they may damage the headlight circuit.
  • Plug and play for 2019-2021 Rover models (up to Rover 5), but not compatible with Rover 6.
  • Mini models: While generally plug and play for 2018 and prior, the larger controller may not fit inside the frame or stock mounting locations. Check compatibility with your bike and photos before ordering.
  • City or Wagon models: Untested, but reportedly works well. Some setting adjustments and additional mounting hardware may be required.
  • Not compatible with Rover 6+, but tested and working with Runner, Runner Two, and Runner Plus models.
  • Compatible with all European/Canadian models except Rover 6. Suitable for use with both 48v and 52v batteries (not recommended for 60v).

LCD Settings:

  • P1 = 100

  • P2 = 5

  • P3 = 0

  • P4 = 0

  • P5 = 15

  • C1 = 3

  • C2 = 0

  • C3 = 8

  • C4 = 3

  • C5 = 10

  • C6 = 3

  • C7 = 1

  • C8 = 0

  • C9 = 0

  • C10 = n

  • C11 = 0

  • C12 = 4

  • C13 = 0

  • C14 = 2

Upgrade your Rad Bike experience with our LCD Upgrade Kit today!

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